Curse of the Crimson Throne

And So Our Story Begins....

1st Chapter, 1st Session

It began with a card.

Or, more specifically, 4 cards. One Harrow card each for our four vengeful entities:  Marcus, the Knight; Valtyra, the Unicorn; Grez, the Rakshasha; and Serafina, the Idiot. The cards held a message, the key to each of them seeking revenge for a great wrong that had been done them.

These four made their separate ways to the home of the one who had gathered them. Zellara, a Varisian fortune teller of little means, was not present as the group arrived one by one. She had left a note, and a basket with bread and wine for the four of them. After she finally arrived, they discovered the source of their pain and fury had been hiding under their noses all along. He was, in fact, only a 10 minute walk from there.

Gaedren Lamm. That horrendously vile, devious and most crafty of ner'do-wells.  The sole entity which tied their four fates together. Each of them had lost something (or someone) to his wickedness. The hunt was on. 

Approaching his hideaway, they set about trying to determine the best course of action. Marcus, Valtyra and her companion, Azazel, snuck around the side of the building for a better look… Until the dock snapped beneath their weight sending Valtyra and Azazel into the waters. 

And the waiting jaws of a hungry shark. 

After the creature had been dispatched, they made their way along a boardwalk to a locked door. Within they discovered their target, Gaedren Lamm, and his monstrous reptilian beast. As Petrov fought the creature, nearly loosing life and limb to its crushing jaws. The others fought their quarry and both beasts were dispatched, though everyone felt he died far too quickly.

Though a gruesome discovery was made within his sleeping chamber, other more wondrous discoveries were to be had as well. Along with the head of the woman who had gathered them together (which had been desecrated in a most foul fashion), Grez found a ledger which contained the answer to his full and final acquittal; and Valtyra found the long lost ring of her beloved.

Searching the rest of Fishery they dispatched the rest of Gaedren's men and Serafina rescued nearly a dozen orphans. She seemed instantly found of a small child no more than two years of age and a growing lad of 12 who is very bright and sharp witted.

As they made their way back to the Fortune Teller's home, a gaggle of children in tow, sounds of rebellion erupted in the streets. The king was dead, and the Queen now ruled in his steed.

It was a dangerous journey, the short distance back to her small abode, but they made it safely. Within they were greeted by her spirit, and she offered to assist them, if they would help defend their city in the days ahead. They agreed, and she offered them safe shelter with her friends.

The group holed up in an inn not far from her home, Serafina paying for their lodgings and food. And there they waited out the rebellion, until they could safely make their way to the crimson castle of the newly widowed Queen.


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