Curse of the Crimson Throne

Long Live the Queen?

1st Chapter, 2nd Session

Two days after the riots broke out and the group dispatched Gaedren, the streets have finally clamed down enough to make travel towards the castle a somewhat safe prospect. After securing a few rooms for another day in which to house the children while they paid their respects to the Queen and returned her broach, the group made their way toward the castle.

Along the way, they encountered a group of peasants intent on extracting a blood price from a Noble. Serafina attempted to persuade the "good people" from their act using reason, but to no avail. They did however let the noble man go and set off on their way to cause further mischief. The noble rewarded the group with a ring for helping to spare his life.

Their arrival at the castle was met with armed guard, but they were soon led inside (albeit without their weapons or Petrov) after the broach was presented.

Within the castle they met the beautiful (though scarred) bodyguard/handmaiden of the queen. She introduced them to the queen, who was resplendent even in her grief. Looking at her it was clear to them all why the known letch of a king would have forsaken all other women for her.

The queen rewarded them with a lovely silver box full of gold trade bars, and asked that they meet with the captain of the guard at Citadel Volshynek.  After picking up their equipment and reuniting with Petrove they made their way towards the Citadel, though a conflict between Imps and the House Drakes caught them all by surprise and left them battling the fierce and poisonous Imps.



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