The Drunken Guard

As you're walking back from your assignment at the butcher shop, you suddenly find a drunk stumbling into your path. Wearing the colors of the guard, he looks up at Grezinal with a friendly smile and claps him on the shoulder. "Neffi!"

The man before you is clearly well formed, handsome and you'd even venture quite skilled warrior from the cut of him – but currently he's a mess. He clearly hasn't changed his uniform in days and smells of stale sweat and ale. 

Petru and Marcus: You recognize this man as Grau Soldado, a well-liked watch sergeant before the king’s death. He was always a loyal servant of the king, and his death seems to have hit him hard.

When he encounters the PCs, he mistakes one of them for an old friend named Neffi from Sandpoint and insists on buying him several drinks at the closest tavern.

It doesn’t take Grau long, though, to bemoan what he believes will be the end of Korvosa—the king’s death hit him hard, but the riots hit him harder.

If the PCs don’t commiserate with him (which requires either a successful Bluff check opposed by Grau’s Sense Motive check or a successful DC 21 Diplomacy check), he becomes convinced that one of the PCs (perhaps even the one he thinks of as Neffi, or another PC who reminds him of Vencarlo or Sabina) is the reason why he’s fallen on hard times, and he draws his sword and demands a duel.

"Neffi? Is that you?! Lords, it's been ages! The cities really gone to shit, hasn't it? Makes me need a drink- do you need a drink? How about- hic I buy us both a drink and we talk about the old days, huh?" 

The right thing to do for Grau is to escort him to Citadel Volshyenek, where his fellow guards restore his sobriety and clean him up. Alternatively, a lesser restoration spell can bring him back to being sober, at which point he thanks the PCs greatly and realizes what an ass he’s been making of himself—he returns to Citadel Volshyenek on his own in this event to make amends.

If the PCs agree to a duel with Grau, he’s ready to fight there and then. If the PCs fight in public, the Korvosan Guard arrives in 3d6 rounds to try to break things up, but Grau agrees to relocate to a more private area (such as a back alley) if the suggestion is made.

Grau Soldado

Story Award:

If the PCs manage to get Grau back to the Korvosan Guard more or less intact, award them 400 xp each.

The Drunken Guard

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