Meet the Mob

As you pass through the city, you suddenly hear the cacophony of shouting from an alley over.

“Die, dandy!”

“Death to the scum sucking rich!”

There seems to be a riot in progress, where a mob of thugs wielding shovels, chair-legs, and other club-like weapons surround a beardless young nobleman with flaxen hair and wide, terrified blue eyes.

"W-what do you people want?! I've never hurt any of you!" 

One of the laborers, a burly woman with greasy strings of hair framing her rotund face, jeers and addresses the young man in a booming voice.

“Bet’cha never worked an honest day’s wage in your life, eh, Queen’s Man? M’brother had his arm crushed by a barrel on the docks when he was younger than you. Never raised a mug of ale with that wrist again. Wanna know what it feels like?”

With her threat she grabs at the bunch of lace at the nobles throat and starts to pull him up, a dull, grimy dagger at his chin while another two grab the mans arm and hold him down whilst a third aims to wield a hammer.

If the PCs don’t swiftly intervene, the mob attacks Amin. With a successful DC 15 Diplomacy check or DC 20 Intimidate check, a PC can disperse the mob long enough to let Amin escape to safety—otherwise, the PCs might find themselves in a fight against six 1st-level human commoners.

Story Award

If the PCs save Amin’s life, award them 100 XP each. In addition, he offers the PCs a gold ring worth 250 gp as thanks for their aid.

Meet the Mob

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