The Mysterious Brooch

If the PC's haven't reached the conclusion to return the brooch to the queen themselves, they may attempt to sell it. In such a case, describe the encounter as follows:

The jeweler that Zellara suggested the group take the brooch to is across the street from the Green Moon and is currently locked up tightly. A wooden sign hangs from two chains above the door, decorated with a painting of two golden braids surrounding a glittering red jewel. The door itself is made of thick wood and reinforced with iron crossbeams. Thick bars cover the windows and the glass is made in such a way that it seems to be covered in fog. Three quick taps and another after a pause though will let the proprietor know that you are a friend.

"Oh come in, come in. Buying? Selling? How might I help you?"

"By Abadar's beard! Th-That's the queen's brooch!" The fat dwarf almost staggers on his stool a little and holds up an magnifying glass to the exquisite craftsmanship. "Dear gods, it must be worth my weight in gold…"

If the PCs try and sell it: "Wha-? Buy it?! Absolutely not, and no self respecting merchant would. There's been a register of that piece with the guard tha' it's stolen. We've all been informed to keep an eye out for it, but I never imagined it would end up in my shop!"

The dwarf holds up a finger for you to wait a moment, and reaches underneath the counter, producing a piece of crumpled up parchment. On it is a drawing of the ring in almost exact detail, and beneath it is the particulars of its composition. Still further down is the most promising piece of information on it however… the bounty. 

"Twelve hundred gold piece for its return is no small sum my friends. Best get a move on to get it back to her – gods know in these unsettled times it would be wise to have a friend in her."

When the PCs start to leave: "An don't forget to tell her who pointed you in the right direction!"

The Mysterious Brooch

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